MixerSeater: Networking event seating char generator

Suppliers vs Buyers. One-on-one Speed Dating Event Tutorial

Relatively small group of buyers is staying at their tables, and a bigger group of suppliers rotates between the selected buyers. Every buyer meets only one supplier in each round. Suppliers are fine to wait in a lounge area between the meetings.

To organize such an event using MixerSeater we'll use interest-based matching and the VIP guests concept. A registration form is optional, but we will use it as well to better demonstrate the idea.

  1. Select the One-on-one event format
  2. When creating the event, pick Industry / Interest Based Matching:

  3. Add a category for each buyer, e.g. their company name

  4. Create Event Registration Form: Select Yes
  5. If you already have all the necessary information (supplier list, which buyers each supplier wants to meet, etc.) or you have your own form, please proceed to step 6.

  6. Ask for Own Category: Select No
  7. You will probably know all of your buyers long before the event. Therefore you don't need them to register by themselves. The registration form is only for the suppliers. If you turn this option off, we'll ask only for the buyers your suppliers want to meet:

  8. Add the VIPs: Buyers
  9. Now it's time to add the buyers to your attendee list. You can do it just before the event when you are sure who is coming.

    You need to fill the buyer's matching preferences, by indicating which area of interest the person belongs to. In our example Area of Interest equals Company.

    Don't forget to tick the VIP checkbox, so that the buyer will stick to one table throughout the event (you can choose which table number should that be).

  10. Wait for the suppliers to register
  11. There is a Registration Allowed Till option when configuring your registration form. You can observe the incoming attendees on the participant list. If there is a huge demand for a specific company maybe you should invite more buyers from this company? It's all up to you, and the flexibility is there.

  12. Generate a seating chart
  13. Don't forget to leave the Visit Each Table option blank. You want the suppliers to visit only the selected buyers – not all of them.

    The number of Tables should of course match the buyers count.

    Max. Number of Participants at a Table should be 2, as this is a one-on-one event. But you can modify this figure if you prefer group meetings.

    Depending on the length of the event you can afford, please select the proper number of sessions. Each buyer will have exactly this number of meetings. You can aim for 10 five minutes long meetings or 5-10 ten minute long ones, depending on what you need.

  14. Mind the "Coffee Break" icon
  15. Don't be surprised if you see a cup of coffee on your seating plan:

    As there are more suppliers than buyers on your event, some suppliers need to rest a little bit and have a coffee break in some sessions. MixerSeater tries to minimize such breaks for every person and also condense these breaks together. If possible, a person can come late to the event or leave early and still meet all the desired buyers.