MixerSeater: Networking event seating char generator

Manage your networking event. Generate seating rotation.

Manage your networking event.
Generate seating rotation.


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MixerSeater is a networking events management platform.
Generate seating / virtual seating charts to maximize valuable meetings and avoid duplication

Unlike other event management software, we focus specifically on multi round networking: both group-based and one on one. Regardless of whether you want:
- everyone to meet everybody else,
- everyone to visit each table / virtual room once,
- match employers and students / buyers and sellers / mentors and mentees or men and women,
thanks to our advanced match-making algorithm, the generated seating rotation will be the best possible given your participant preferences.

Adding Attendees

You can add your attendees by typing them in manually or importing from a file.
We can also generate a simple registration form for your event, especially useful if you want to match your participants according to their preferences. This can be:
- industry-based matching,
- students indicating which employers they want to meet,
- buyers wanting to meet specific suppliers
or any other scenario – you name it.

Seating Chart Options

You provide number of tables (virtual rooms), seats at a table (slots in a virtual room) and number of rounds.

Attendees marked as VIPs will stick to one table throughout the event, given that there are fewer VIPs than tables.

If there are event sponsors from the same company you may not want them to sit together. Just use the 'Don't Sit With' option and they will be separated throughout the event.

Waiting Room

You may plan your event so that everybody has a meeting in each round. But what if you want to match a lot of students with a relatively small number of employers?

In-person Events: Lounge Area

If you have a lounge area you may allow participants to have a break in some rounds. Or just ask them to come late / leave earlier.

Virtual Events: Virtual Waiting Room

As a virtual event host you are broadcasting in a virtual waiting room. If there are no latecomers and everyone has been assigned to a virtual room you can leave the virtual reception desk (waiting room) and join the regular discussion.

Viewing / Exporting Seating Chart

In case of virtual events everything happens automatically.
People change their virtual rooms according to the virtual seating chart you've generated before the event.
Manual adjustments are possible throughout the event, though, as your guest may leave anytime.

On the other hand, the seating chart may be exported to an Excel file for in-person events.
It can also be viewed on a mobile phone without installing any applications. It is just a simple webpage.
You give your participants a link to this page or simply write it on a blackboard, as it short and simple.

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