Organize your networking event. Generate seating rotation.

MixerSeater: your networking events platform

We focus on multi-round networking, facilitating both group-based, round-table discussions and one-on-one meetings.

Seating Solutions for In-Person Events

Get a seating rotation to maximize valuable meetings and reduce repetition.

Tailor your event with features like:

  • visiting each table once
  • meeting everyone else
  • connecting with people from specific categories

Utilize our mobile phone seating plan for seamless last-minute adjustments, or opt for printed badges for a more traditional approach.

Host an online networking event. Rotate people in virtual rooms automatically

Just set:

  • round duration
  • number of rounds
  • number of people in virtual room

Your guests will move through the virtual rooms automatically. No other video-call software is required. All your guests need is an access link and a web browser or a mobile phone.

Maximize Connections Without Duplication

Our system ensures that participants meet everyone else without duplication in certain configurations. For example, with 49 participants and tables of 7, everyone meets everyone else in just 8 rotations without a single duplicate meeting!

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