MixerSeater: Networking event seating char generator

Create Your In-person Speed Networking Event



Shorter event
Participants are divided into groups,
so they meet more people in a shorter period of time

No waiting room
Everybody can have a meeting in each round

Quiet atmosphere
Only few people speak at the same time
(one person per table)

Less rounds
Better control over the event duration.
Low number of rounds makes
your attendees less tired


Missed connections
Most of the times attendees will not meet
everyone else

Duplicate connections
If your table rotation number is high,
some people may meet the other attendees
more than once



More intimate meetings
Unlike in group-based events
there are only two people at a table

Maximum connection number
If you make your event long enough,
everyone will meet everybody else


Waiting room
If there is asymmetry in attendee preferences,
some participants need to wait in a lounge area

Shorter meetings
Usually there are a lot of meetings, so you need to make them short,
not to exceed the event time limit

Longer event
There are a lot of rounds, and each table
change takes time and introduces some chaos

High noise level
Everybody is speaking at the same time