MixerSeater: Networking event seating char generator

Rotate 24 people to meet entirely new set of neighbors


I need to seat 24 people by one long table opposite to each other. We’ve got four sessions planned with people switching their places. It would be best if each time everyone would have an entirely new set of people as neighbours. Is that even possible?


This would be a piece of cake for MixerSeater if you had 25 people at 5 tables. But we have only one table here and in order to find an optimal solution we'll use an interesting workaround.

We have divided your table into 5 sectors named A-E. You can put those letters on the chairs so your guests know to which sector they should go in each session.

The idea is to pretend that these A-E sectors are actually separate tables. This way if you upload your participant list onto MixerSeater, it will generate the best chart for you.
In your case you have to create an event for:

- 5 tables
- 5 seats each
- 4 sessions.

Please note that there is an extra 25th seat, but you don't need to worry about it apart from actually bringing the extra chair.

What we can guarantee is that in each rotation every sector (A-E) will be occupied by a completely new group of people. But on the borders of adjacent sectors, for example B and C, people may experience some duplicate meetings with neighbors from the other sector.

Just instruct your attendees to go to a specific sector in each round (instead of using the word "table" you just need to use "sector" and this should do it).