MixerSeater: Networking event seating char generator

How to run a one-on-one speed networking event

There are two options:
  • one long table
  • set of two seater tables

If you prefer to use a long table the rotation will require less movement. But at the same time the event will be louder as everyone will sit very close to each other. It all depends on your speed networking event setup.

Using MixerSeater you can put small tables all over the place (or just leave them as they were in a restaurant). Noboby will get lost during the event as they can always check where to sit on their mobile. This will make the event more intimate and quiet.

Event Check-in & Seating Chart Generation

As probably only 50-80% of the guests will make it on the day of the event, if you generate your seating chart before the check-in has been completed you may see a lot of empty seats.

Since the process is really simple and straightforward, we recommend generating the seating chart for the event only after you have finished the check-in. If you have uploaded your guest list from an Excel file just remove the absent people and click "Generate". It only takes a second.

How to generate seating chart for one-on-one speed networking event

Guiding the Participants through the Event

If you prefer a long table layout, people will not have to move far after each round. But note that each MixerSeater based event has its own, unique link which you can send to your attendees days before the event.

Each attendee can see the rotation schedule: where to sit during the sessions. They can also view who will they meet in every round, which is a very big advantage.

It is also very helpful to write the event mobile page link on a blackboard, in case someone hasn't received the email before. The link is very short and it is not a very big trouble to key it in on a phone. The above guide covers this process in detail.