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Networking Event Tips & Ideas

In this section you will find questions and problems that some of our users came across. Each time we try to offer the best possible solution. If you can’t find your answer here, just contact us via e-mail or post a question on our LinkedIn group: Networking Events Organizers. We always enjoy a good challenge!

Rotate 24 people to meet entirely new set of neighbors
24 people seated by one long table: rotate to meet entirely new set of neighbors.

Team Building Idea: Mix Your Teams
Divide your team into groups. Get the right seating and swap for everybody to meet everyone else.

Networking Online: When You Can't Meet Face to Face
How to organize an online networking event without installing any expensive software. Virtual rooms instead of tables.

Series of Networking Events: All Group Members Meeting Each Other Exactly Once
Networking group of 100 people, where every day 10 people should meet. Eventually everyone should meet the other 99 people exactly once.

Suppliers vs Buyers. One-On-One Speed Dating Event
Relatively small group of buyers is staying at their tables, and a bigger group of suppliers rotates between the selected buyers.

Hosting a Roundtable Discussion
Whether you are organizing an in-person or virtual event this guide provides practical tips to ensure your seating arrangement yields best possible networking experience.

How to Organize a Speed Dating Event: A Simple Guide for Everyone
Tailored matches vs traditional meet-everyone format. Seating options: long table, side-by-side small tables, or restaurant setting.

How to organize virtual speed dating event
Choosing right technology, dealing with gender imbalance and drop-offs. Random meetings vs tailored matches.